Evaluation of Indian English pronunciation

The study involves development of an interactive system which can assess, diagnosis and tracks the Inidan English spoken language learners.

Identification of speakers using head gestures in a narration

Head gestures convey intensity of speech and a lot of paralinguistic information. This study contributes an Automatic Indentification of speakers using head gestures.

Converting whispers to natural speech

After the surgical removal of the vocal chords, laryngectomy patients typically speak in whispers. This study focuses on converting whispered speech into natural speech to restore the original voice of these patients

Analysis on classification of Asthmatic and Healthy subjects

This is a sound base analysis for asthama diagnosis. It deals with acoustic features for speech based classification of asthmatic and healthy subjects.

In the words of our alumni

Worked on an amazing project to reconstruct speech for people with disorders. Learnt a ton with a really great mentor (Nisha)
- Sahana Mohandoss

I worked at SPIRE lab only for around 6-7 weeks, but I learnt so much about signal processing and machine learning
- Ravikiran Ramesh

Great colleagues. Top level guidance
- Abhijith M N

At SPIRE lab I learnt to listen to others, question myself and the thirst to acquire knowledge in me began to grow
- Nikhil Bharadwaj

I am very grateful for the guidance and knowledge I received from Prasanta Sir and Shivani
- Sai Shruthi Nakkina

There are so many things that I learnt, both technical and non-technical in nature from SPIRE lab and Prasanta sir
- Suhas BN

My memorable moments always include my time spent with Prof. Prasanta - The one to one daily update sessions and the treats. He has and will always be a great inspiration to me!
- Vignesh Sathiyamoorthy